The AEA is an international network of offices situated all over the world. The AEA covers all the 193 countries that are in the United Nations plus Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine. No other lawyers covers so many countries. The second, the International Bar Association covers 125 countries. The third, UIA, Union Internationale des Avocats covers 110.

The AEA has the most prestigious and important offices in each country within its group along with the best professionals. The network was founded in the European Union and with time has been growing and expanding to a more global scale, starting with the European countries that were not part of to the European Union and then expanding to countries in America, Asia and Africa.

In most of the countries all the larger cities have AEA offices, and some cities have more than one. The offices had been chosen rigorously following the criteria the AEA require, professionalism, competence and effectiveness of each professional chosen.

Selective choice

All the Association members meet annually in a Congress. Until now, 10 International Congress have been celebrated.

The first International Congress was in Madrid in September 2005. The second Congress took place in Paris in 2006. The third Congress was in Madrid in May 2008. The fourth Congress was in May 2009 in Berlin. The fifth Congress was in Rome in May 2010. The sixth was celebrated in Istanbul in June 2011. The seventh was in San Petersburg in May 2012. The eighth was in Amsterdam in October 2013. In the tenth Anniversary the AEA Congress was in Athens the 21st and 22nd of May 2014.

The eleventh was in Lisbon the 28th and 29th of May 2015. The twelfth was in Cyprus the 27th and 28th May 2016.
Our next Congress will take place in Prague the 1st and 2nd June 2017. There is more information about the Congress in another section of the web page.

The lawyer’s members of the Association value, as a main rule of their work their professional deontology and ethics. The Association has been very strict in his selection of the lawyers, offering uniform quality standards but also with an unimpeachable ethics and deontology in all the members.


World's coverage


Services on a global scale

In a world that is globalising by the hour, the objective of the Association is to offer services on a global scale. Like this, companies can count with a network of lawyers that perform in coordination with even guidelines, all of them English-speaking. That’s why, if a company has business in several countries, the AEA offers them the advantage of not having to commit to the task of searching for diverse lawyers, and also allows them the celebration of one agreement that grants them coverage in all the world.

The members of the Association have a electronic forum through e-mail that allows them to share relevant judicial information, to know the legislation and jurisprudence news in their respective countries and to have a ready colleague always at the other end of the line to help them solve any doubts on legislation matters of another country member.

Another advantage is that the net is integrated by medium-sized offices, avoiding the mistakes in which the big multinational offices incur. The clients always get a personalised treatment, the responsibility in the matter is clearly stated, therefore is not diffuse, and the client is always in knowledge of whom he has to talk to.

Personal acquaintance between the different members of the Association is also very important in order to develop efficient professional relationships and give a better service to the clients.

Advantages for members


Cooperation with – Special conditions for AEA members (Anwalt, the German word for lawyer or attorney) is one of Germany’s leading online lawyers’ directories and mediates efficiently between people seeking legal advice and lawyers. The web portal is designed for international lawyers, for German-speaking lawyers and for those seeking legal advice both at home and abroad. Each law office is comprehensively classified and can, insofar as it takes part in the evaluation system, be publicly evaluated via the portal. With a profile entry in lawyers benefit from the great demand and the high degree of visibility in search engines. This is why the lawyers’ directory has become an important medium for law offices. Above and beyond this, customers can provide valuable tips and hints from all areas of law, and thus be found from anywhere in the world.

Mr Carsten Lentz, Lawyer Networks Manager at, would be pleased to answer any questions you might have on participation and the special rates for AEA members. You can reach him by telephone at +49 911 81515-133 or by e-mail at Mr Lentz speaks German and English. You can find further information (in German) at and register online at