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Alicante is the seat of the European Office of Trademarks

The offices of  the AEA Lawyers cover all juridical matters and they are offices of General Law, specialized in Civil, Criminal, Administrative Law etc.

Most of the offices have a special IP section for Patents and Trademarks. The EUIPO , European Intellectual Property Office is located in Alicante for the whole European Union since 1995.

Given the special characteristics in Patent and Trademark issues, and the need many companies have in the registration of their patents and trademarks in all the countries in the world, a special section in Patents and Trademarks has been created. This special section has been made with offices of the better prestige in this matter, that had already been working on it or had been acting as collaborators. In this way, companies can hire with the central seat of the AEA, the registration of their patent or trademark in every country in the world or in the countries they choose. Like that, a unified service, of even quality is offered, on a world scale.

Another additional advantage of the Association is that its central seat is in Alicante, city that has become Europe´s most important in what industrial property concerns, being the seat of the European Office of Trademarks. Any person that registers his/her trademark in Alicante, in the European Office, enjoys protection in the 28 countries of the European Union.

A unified service, of even quality is offered, on a world scale