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Jadriya – Al-Wizara Street – locality 911 – Alley 24. d 3 | Baghdad, Iraq

About Us

Build dedicated, long-term relationships with clients

Understand and appreciate client goals, objectives, and challenges

Provide proactive insight, custom solutions, and collaborative resources specific to client needs

Offer competent, proficient and tested insight to solve routine and complex legal issues.

A CONTEMPORARY APPROACH We believe that to provide the best service for our clients, we need to see things from the client’s perspective. Al Nesoor acknowledges the importance of providing more than just the excellent legal advice you would expect from a leading firm. We therefore strive to be considered as a trusted legal partner for our clients, not simply a service provider. We do this by:

    • Understanding the client’s business or personal circumstances so we can engineer creative, proactive and commercial advice which is tailored to the client’s needs.
    • Adding value to the service Al Nesoor provide, by deploying our knowledge and experience to anticipate and solve problems efficiently.
    • Delivering a service which goes far beyond “getting the job done”.
  • These principles underpin the work Al Nesoor does and provides the foundation on which we deliver not just leading legal advice, but tailored advice that is appropriate for all of our client’s specific circumstances and preferences.



Forat Kuba CEO & PARTNER