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Babić & Co is a prestigious law firm with longtime tradition and exceptional reputation, both in domestic and international market, providing top quality and comprehensive legal services. Our team of lawyers counsels numerous domestic and international clients, in different legal domains, with particular emphasis on commercial law, company law, banking and finances, as well as in settlement of domestic and international disputes. Babić & Co Law Firm was founded in 1994, when its founder Nedžad Babić, following long-term work (since 1978), resigned from his office in the judiciary and started practicing the law. Long tradition, reputation, professional and expert approach, the highest ethical standards as well as commitment to our clients made us a respectable and prestigious law firm, which is the reliable legal and business partner of its numerous clients. Our headquarters is in Zenica, and as of 2019 the Law Firm is working in the territory of Sarajevo, through its branch office, and all of it to the end of business expansion and bigger representation in BiH market. 


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