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Baku Consulting Group (BACG), a consulting form established in 2011, has been working to help actual and potential foreign investors to realize their projects in Azerbaijan for more than 10 years now. Our clients include major multinational corporations and their branches (representatives) in Azerbaijan, foreign governments, foreign NGOs, embassies, as well as, local companies from diverse market sectors, including energy, IT,  engineering & construction, advertising, publishing, education, transportation etc.


Covering a wide range of commercial activities, BACG’s main mission is – “help clients to succeed!”. For this, we tailor our services to meet your individual needs with practical, straightforward advices and work alongside you to achieve your most demanding objectives.  Currently, BACG provides legal, financial (tax) and in-country engineering support & maintenance services to national and international companies. Moreover, professional legal services provided by BACG essentially covers the areas such as, international private law, civil rights law, employment & social protection law, migration law, corporate law, contracts, IPRs, inheritance, real estate, securities, banking law, criminal & administrative law, O&G law, tax law, procedural law, ADRs & litigation, family law, customs law, data protection & security etc.

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Dadash Alishov