About Us

Flavia Barbur has 15 years of experience, while I accept the challenges of various areas of law: labor, civil, family law, administrative and criminal. At this point, she is one of the members who actively contribute to the development of the law firm.

In family law , she is specialized in:

  • divorce and separation proceedings
  • exercise of parental authority jointly by parents
  • the exercise of parental authority exclusively by one parent
  • determination of the residence of minors or relocation of minors
  • the determination of alternative residence of minors
  • the determination or denial of paternity; Obtaining moral and material damages in case of successful denial of paternity
  • the establishment of the visit program, including for parents living abroad, the issuance of passports for minors
  • the position under the prohibition of persons and appointment of guardian
  • get court approval for the guardian to sign papers
  • escape from violent husbands
  • Obtaining Protection Orders
  • placement of minors
  • obtaining compensation benefits for one of the husbands
  • the determination or modification of the contribution of one of the parents in the upbringing and education of minors (alimony)
  • the judicial order in the provisional determination of residence of minors and the payment of alimony
  • assistance in the mediation procedure
  • assistance in the procedure of execution of sentences related to minors
  • representation in international child abduction proceedings

In the civil field , he represents clients in:

  • cases of civil and contractual responsibility, in case of traffic accidents, to obtain material and moral damages
  • litigation related to the execution or termination of sales, loan, rental, service, transportation contracts. It also offers advisory services and drafting of contracts and their clauses
  • cases related to remedies against forced execution

In labor and social security law, it offers advice on the execution, performance, modification and termination of individual employment contracts and their addenda – including the obligation of loyalty, confidentiality, non-competition, regulations and internal policies and of personnel, internal regulations, the appeal of dismissal decisions and disciplinary responsibility, the recovery of wages and pending compensation, and also the judicial representation of employees and employers.

It offers advice on restructuring and personnel transfer procedures and with respect to the application of labor law regulations and work organization systems.

He also represents clients in procedures for recognition of particular working conditions (group work I and II) in order to obtain an increased pension and reduction of the contribution period.

It offers advice on the drafting of collective labor agreements and on the registration procedure with the competent authorities.
Prepares the necessary documentation to obtain the A1 portable document and represents clients before the competent authorities, including CNPP, for their release.

In the field of associations and foundations (NGOs):

  • prepares the articles of incorporation and the necessary statutes for the establishment of associations and foundations;
  • represents clients in the legal personality acquisition procedure, including obtaining tax records and proof of name availability;
  • prepares the documents for the change of headquarters, of the governing bodies – the Board of Directors, the Audit Commission and the documents for the merger of the associations and represents them in court proceedings



Diana Flavia Barbur