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About Us

We solve serious IRS problems and restore peace of mind.

We help people understand and comply with U.S. tax and financial reporting obligations.  We serve both individuals and small businesses, focusing on the needs of Americans abroad, dual nationals, and “green card” holders.

We offer the following services:

  • Legal Advice and Representation – We will help you understand your tax and information reporting obligations as a U.S. citizen, dual national or “green card” holder living abroad. We can help you correct past mistakes and cure non-compliance. We can help you defend yourself against  the I.R.S. or civil or criminal investigations.  It’s not uncommon for expats and dual nationals to misunderstand their obligations or to fall behind on filing their tax returns. We can help you sort through the paperwork, forms, and rules, and bring you up-to-date with your obligations.  We will help you minimize the potential for failure-to-file and failure-to-pay penalties.

  • Preparing U.S. Tax Returns – We will prepare your U.S. income tax return, including the most common schedules and forms.  Depending on where and when you last lived in the U.S.,  you may also need to file a state return.

  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting – FBAR & FATCA – We prepare and file FBAR forms for individuals who meet the foreign account reporting thresholds.  We can help you understand the complex rules governing persons with “signatory authority” over their employers’ bank accounts.  We can help you understand FATCA (the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).

  • Citizenship and Expatriation – If you’re unsure  whether you are still a U.S. citizen or if you need to file federal or state tax returns, give us  a call or send us an email. We will help you get clear on your situation.  And if you are considering making the difficult decision to give up your U.S. citizenship, we can help you navigate the complex regulations governing this process and help you make an informed decision every step of the way.

  • Consulting and Strategic Advice – Doing business in the United States can give rise to tax obligations. We help individuals and  businesses ensure their tax compliance.   Likewise, doing business with Americans can get complicated too. We can help you understand and comply with FATCA and other investment and securities regulations.

  • Bookkeeping for Small Businesses – We help small businesses manage their financial data so they have the information they need at their fingertips to make better business decisions.

  • Confidentiality – Because Christine Dahl is an attorney,  we have the right to privileged and confidential communications.  You can feel safe knowing the United States is not permitted to seize our client files.  Accountants cannot guarantee client confidentiality.

  • Online Filing – When you’re living in a foreign country, it may not be practical to send forms and documents back and forth through the mail. We work through  a secure document portal to enable quick, free, and safe transfer of files between my office and yours.



Christine Dahl, Attorney