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Dr. E. Scheftelowitz, Law Offices & Notary

24, Ben Gurion Rd., Ramat Gan 5257345, Israel

About Us

Our office has been working in Israel and all over Europe for more than 70 years.

We are specialists in the fields of real estate in Israel and private international law as well as inheritance law and commercial matters. We also cooperate with the Family Court in Israel regarding alimony or the enforcement of foreign judgments.

Adv. & Notary N. Scheftelowitz was a judge in the military service and in the Israeli Bar Association.

Adv. & Notary N. Scheftelowitz speak many languages. We are recognized in Israel to submit expert opinions on European law to the court.

We are also certified to train German law clerks.


FOTO Nathan Scheftelowitz

Nathan Scheftelowitz