Colombia | Bogotá


SPACIO SEDE CALLE 98 está ubicado en la Calle 98 # 21 – 50 – Torre Empresarial Calle 98 Oficina 902. (Bogotá – Colombia).

About Us

We have formed a law firm to provide comprehensive legal advice to the Entrepreneur in Business Law. We offer Legal advice in Business Law, to Presidents, Managers, Legal Representatives, members of Boards or Boards of Directors of National and International companies. The professional skills of each of the area leaders and related companies have been brought together, focusing our attention on the Company, integrating knowledge and experiences at the service of the country’s business sector, offering specialized, personalized and direct advice from the leaders of each area with the company, depending on their needs and requirements. Each area has its own personnel in the different fields under the direction of the area leader, who directly plans, structures, knows and designs the specific project that our Firm must carry out for the Entrepreneur. Our personal skills have a leadership seal based on knowledge, experience, commitment and the search for results, acting with integrity, self-development, human relations, communication and teamwork.