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nait slimani

Maître NAIT SLIMANI Djazira
1 Avenue 1ier novembre 1954 Ain-El Hammam. Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria

About Us

Lawyer at the court registered with the office of Tizi-ouzou since 2015

My clients treated with the care, consideration and utmost respect whilst receiving robust expert legal advice.

For all of us it is never ‘just another case’ because I know it is an individual’s life, liberty, reputation, livelihood or family life that I are protecting.


It’s not just another case, another file. Each client is an individual. Each case is different. I am committed to treating every client with the utmost care.


I fight to win. I fight for your rights, and I fight for the best outcome. I fight for fairness for those who are incarcerated.

I fight for the right to protect the family from being divided. I fight for the parent who hasn’t seen his or her child.


I ensure that the rules are folloId and that your rights remain intact during your entire journey in the justice system.


I listen to you. I accept that this is a team effort betIen you and us. Your opinion maters.


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