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Maqam Legal & Consulting Services

Suite No. 202, 2nd floor, Ramallah Tower, Nozha St 14 (Opposite to Ramallah Public Library), Ramallah, Palestine

About Us

Since 2019, MAQAM Legal & Consulting Services has been serving its clients with proven success. We are consistent, patient, and professional, giving each new case our undivided attention whilst walking you through each step of the process. With us, you should expect the best. We are a new kind of law firm in a challenging and constantly changing market, where we help our clients overcome their most complex legal issues. As we move forward into this millennium that characterized by the rapid development, especially in the sectors of technology and international business, OUR VISION is to always be able to provide the best innovative legal solutions to our clients that meet their desires and aspirations and provide them with permanent legal support with a modern perspective and pioneering ideas, as we strive to possess an active role in the fundamental participation in the legal development and commercial activities of the country. We always strive to provide exceptional representation to our clients with the best, innovative, high-quality, legal solutions and consulting services quickly, accurately, and with dedication, in a way that guarantees the full protection for them and their interests. We review applicable legislation in Palestine and international agreements as well as review the foreign legislation. This ensures the expansion of our legal skills so that we can provide innovative services in a manner consistent with the Palestinian legal system.



Mahmoud Turabi