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Hi, great to meet you. I’m Sophie Newbould, founder of Newboulds Solicitors, which opened for business in March 2017.
I’ve been a lawyer for 13 years. Helping clients navigate the law is my passion, my calling. I want to use my experience, from industry and legal practice, to help your business grow and succeed. I know how to save you time and money, both in contract management and winning business. I can negotiate terms that will strengthen your organisation. Where needed, I can defend or allege compensation to protect your business reputation and ensure justice is served. It’s that simple.
I spent several years in the construction and telecoms industry before qualifying as a business lawyer in 2008. I then moved swiftly into local government, focusing on shared and commercial tech procurements, as well as national central government technology infrastructure projects, procurements and disputes.


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Sophie Newbould