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About Us

Tangna Law is a Danish law firm that offers a wide range of legal services.Tangna Law assists private individuals and companies both internationally and in Denmark, who need an impartial assessment of a legal issue with associated proposed solutions within specific areas of competence incl.¬†establishment of ApS, establishment of trademarks, DD and background investigations on the Chinese internet, cross-border lawsuits in Danish courts, as well as consultancy advice for Danish companies with subsidiaries in China, in collaboration with leading Chinese lawyers.Tangna Law’s advice reflects the expertise the company has accumulated over more than 25 years in various legal fields, especially between Denmark and China.
Tangna Law possesses an absolutely unique knowledge of China and associated lawyers and consultants speak and write Chinese on a daily basis.¬†Tangna Law’s linguistic understanding also means significant savings, fewer misunderstandings, faster case processing for clients, Chinese as well as Danish.



Tina Ravn