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The kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s adhesion recently to the world trade organization is an important event commercially, since it will result in transferring many of global capital assets to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to exploit its geographical location, encouraging investment conditions, and its strong economy. This adhesion may require some adaptation in the commercial legislation and laws, as well as those related to the opportunities to investment, imports and exports, and trade exchange in order to encourage investors and to attract capital assets to the kingdom. There is no doubt that we have become in a technology age in which whoever wants to achieve his objectives and make progress in his business cannot disregard it. They are the technology and modern communication methods that enable the lawyer to communicate easily and immediately with his clients all over the world. As teamwork in Yasser Al-Mohaimeed Law Firm, we recognize that very well. We make our best to follow the proper way in serving our clients, so we have updated our office’s site on the internet to be as it is now, and developed it by adding a large amount of data and information to it, which will help our clients to communicate with us easily and immediately. This will also make it easier for them to know whatever information they want about the climate and investment laws in the kingdom as well as the texts of Saudi laws. In addition, some personnel have been dedicated to send and receive electronic messages and reply to legal advices across the internet in both Arabic and English languages.


Yasser Abdul Aziz Al-Mohaimeed