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About Us

At the origin of Cabinet Amar Legal, three partners united by the same idea of ​​social law, complementarity in the exercise of their legal profession and a team spirit for more than 10 years.
Amar Legal, a daily partner of its clients on HR aspects, provides a tailor-made service for social rights integrated into the company’s overall strategy and not a brake on its development.
Social law applied with foresight contributes to the performance as well as the attractiveness of the company and makes it possible to anticipate or facilitate the management of disputes.
The General Management of a company or a Group expects from its HR department and its Lawyers that its decisions are implemented in compliance with deadlines and the rights of its employees without excessive protectionism paralyzing the conduct of its activities and projects.
It is the importance given to the issues that companies and managers have to face that guides the intervention of Cabinet Amar Legal in supporting its clients.
Amar Legal is committed to finding practical solutions reconciling both compliance with legal and contractual provisions and the expectations and actual constraints of its clients.
Cabinet Amar Legal demonstrates a keen sense of the quality of service provided to its clients and great responsiveness given the particularity of HR issues.
Cabinet Amar Legal provides both advice and litigation for French and international clients.
With recognized know-how in all aspects of labor law and a pragmatic approach to business issues, the Cabinet Amar Legal has particular expertise in anticipating and managing crises related to the rise of new technologies in the company.



Sophie Amar