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Apolo Lawyers – Solicitors & Litigators
10th/F, PaxSky Building, 51 Nguyen Cu Trinh Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

About Us

APOLO LAWYERS – Solicitors & Litigators, a Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association law firm, with the principle of operation “to help, to protect!”.
The Success of our Clients is the key goal of Apolo Lawyers, so we have rapidly developed with a Client-centric approach through the years. Apolo Lawyers is not only a legal advisor but also a legal partner that Clients can trust.
With an unequivocal dedication to providing the highest level of legal services, Apolo Lawyers has built a reputation for excellence in many fields of law, especially: in the following fields:
Marriage and Family includes divorce in Vietnam, the divorce between Vietnamese and foreigners, carrying out the marriage registration note, child custody, and property division,…
Licensing and Permits: applying for temporary resident cards, VISA, Work permits, …
Contract: drafting and reviewing sale contracts, service contracts, assigning Lawyers to participate in lawsuits related to contractual dispute resolution,…
M&A: pre-M&A consultancy; access, appraisal, investigation, pricing of the object; advice in the transaction negotiation phase, legal completion to complete the transaction,…
Consulting on restructuring business and organizing post-M&A activities,…
Insurance, marine time & shipping: drafting, reviewing and advice on the following shipping documents in accordance to Vietnamese laws such as Bills of Lading; Booking notes; Letter of Indemnity….
Attending to solve dispute at the Court and Arbitration.
When clients use the legal services of Apolo Lawyers, Clients will be served quality and professional legal services by Solicitors and Litigators who are seasoned lawyers, a team of paralegals, legal analysts, and personnel who works professionally, quickly, supportively and efficiently. Especially, our managing partner – who has 18 years of experience of consultion will directly serve our clients if required.
There are many successful Clients who chose to use the services of Apolo Lawyers and got satisfactory results. Apolo Lawyers assigned Lawyers to carry out the arbitration procedure for Bisans; attend to protect the legitimate right and interests of Kyoei Steel in a Joint-venture contract; consulted and supported Auchan to settle the dispute of contract for the sale of goods,…
With these experiences, Apolo Lawyers commit to providing our clients with the most optimal legal service quickly and efficiently. If you have any legal issues, do not hesitate to contact Apolo Lawyers to be supported in the most optimal way.



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