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About Us

Caputo & Partners AG is an international banking law firm. We represent high net worth individuals (HNWI), celebrities, entrepreneurs, private clients, family offices, asset managers, trustees, other lawyers from all over the world to deal with Swiss banks. We open bank accounts for our clients. We introduce our client to the best Swiss bank and to a top senior banker we personally know. Our client will receive better conditions. We are specialized to deal with frozen bank accounts and international inheritance cases involving foreign jurisdictions. Our clients are taking advantage from our extensive network with jurisdictions for offshore structures, asset protection instruments, immigration, relocation, new citizenship and second passport, private Swiss schools and health care. We educate our clients on how to efficiently protect assets for the family. We help to recover assets in many cases: mismanagement, wrong investment advice, cluster risks, not sufficient risk disclosure, wire fraud, international inheritance, dormant accounts, cash pay outs and much more.

Our hedge fund specialist and accountant execute complex calculations related to sophisticated structured products, hedge funds, options and futures, forwards and swaps transactions, margin calls etc.. Errors in the six figure range may easily creep in. This time consuming work must be done manually in order to collect, list, exam and reconstruct each single credit and debit advice and exchange position. The probability to detect errors committed by the bank or external asset manager causing huge damages is very high but every transaction must be analysed in arduous handiwork. We offer our special skills to other lawyers having a banking case and to our clients with mountains of account statements. Based on our experience matured during the last decades we have developed a sensor detecting hundreds of errors in bank statements.



Enzo Caputo