Spain | Palma de Mallorca

About Us

De Micco & Friends is a full service law and tax firm with headquarter in Palma de Mallorca. The group is represented with about 500 English, Spanish, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese lawyers and tax advisors in all major cities in Spain. The clients are foreign companies and individuals from all over the world. The main business fields and services of the lawyers and attorneys are real estate purchase for buyers and sellers of properties in Spain (option contract, due diligence, notarization aftersales tax fillings), company formation and incorporation in Spain, Virtual Office Services and administration of companies, Merger & Acquisitions, Representation of foreign investors in Spain, immigration to Spain for individuals (EU and non-EU citizens), Golden Visa applications, asset and wealth relocation, wealth management, litigation at all Spanish courts, damage claims against insurances, debt collection for foreign companies, corporate law (contracting and negotiation) and worldwide negotiations in special missions.



Luigi Carlo De Micco