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About Us

Susin International Legal Cabinet is competent in all areas of Family Law, whether national or international.

The scope of action is focused on personal law, especially family law, which requires special knowledge and attitude.

Susin Legal Cabinet, responds effectively to all family legal matters: separation and divorce, paternity, parental authority, liquidation of matrimonial regimes, succession, protection of disabled elders.

The human dimension is present in the scope of action of Susin Gabinet Jurídico International. Beyond the technical focus records, we provide personalized support to deal with situations of conflictive rupture, especially in cases of gender and domestic violence. Although the legal conflict is sometimes unavoidable, we advise in the search for the best solution to the specific case.
Susin Gabinet Jurídico International works together with a network of professionals: professors of civil law, lawyers, psychiatrists and psychologists, accounting experts



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