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Faria, Carvalho, Costa e Castro (FCCC) – Soc. Advogados, SP, RL
Avenida Central, 164 – 2º
Braga, Portugal

About Us

he Law Firm Faria, Carvalho, Costa E Castro, RL (FCCC) was established in August 2007, originally by the lawyers Bento Faria, Orlando Carvalho, Bento Costa and Carla Sousa e Castro. It is currently formed by the partners Bento Faria, Orlando Carvalho, Carla Sousa e Castro and Ana Daniela Barbosa and the associate, Hugo Faria. Essentially, we are a young, independent and dynamic Law Firm, based in the city of Braga, Portugal, comprising a group of professionals of high technical quality and diversified professional experience, graduated from the best Universities in Portugal, and also with Post-Graduate Lawyers. , Specialist Lawyer recognized by the General Council of the Portuguese Bar Association and qualified with the title (academic degree) of Master in Law. Faria, Carvalho, Costa e Castro



Orlando Carvalho