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We are a dynamic law firm committed to providing you with personalized and dependable advice, making your business efficient in the modern industry market, both domestically and internationally. Our mission is to pursue the best course of action in every legal case and put the full weight of our resources behind obtaining your expected results. By providing high-caliber and trustworthy legal advice on the best and cost-effective means to achieve your desired ends, we aim to maximize your opportunities and minimize risks, facilitate required actions and put the legal process behind you, bringing the full strength of our expertise to bear and enabling you to focus on your business only. We work as a close-knit and dynamic team, blending our lawyers’ eyes for details with your business experience and insights. As a client-centered and results oriented law firm, we provide you with all the personal attention you deserve. Knowing that time is money, we carefully craft contracts with readily available solutions in even the most complex cases, foster out-of-court settlements whenever possible and bring the full strength of our litigation expertise when the dispute is inevitable.



Daniele Ferretti