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About Us

Our firm offers a full range of quality legal services, dedicated to clients with utmost possible rapidity and efficiency. The firm has got corresponding contacts with leading law offices worldwide. We are dealing with business law in broad terms, covering all practice areas of law system that a company may be faced in the course of its day-to-day operations. Therefore our lawyers are engaged in corporate law, commercial law, antitrust and competition law, contract law, labour law, public procurement law, intellectual property law, environmental law, banking law and securities matters. We offer assistance in mergers and acquisitions, real property and foreign investment transactions. We also do civil law, business law and administrative law litigation, as well as arbitration and represent our clients in debt collection cases and in the course of bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings. We have been assigned by various clients in the abovementioned fields from almost all of the European countries and also overseas countries, including the territory of Asia, North and South America.



Dr. Füsthy Zsolt