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About Us

Its objective is to implement legal practices and differential values ​​in organizations, both from the legal point of view and from the Human Resources consulting and training point of view.
The name “Galibier Legal” is an adventure full of illusion and magic, which has the challenge of reaching a peak that, after overcoming it, continues. The Galibier is the highest pass of the “Tour de France”. With 2,645 meters of altitude, located in the heart of the French Alps, forming part of the queen stage of this exciting sporting feat. It has the characteristic of being one of the toughest ports in the world, with an exhausting ascent and a complicated descent, without being the end of a stage. It is not the end of anything but the beginning of much.
Thus, our mission is to safeguard the interests of our clients, legally accompany them during their professional and business journey, overcome the difficulties of the route and together reach the top of the Galibier to continue.
We observe that there are constant sources of conflict in the world of work, and that action is normally taken to quell them when they have already occurred. Most of them are related to the loss of focus of the objectives. Not because of the lack of follow-up by the companies, but because of the gradual blurring of the objective of the employee’s mind. We intend to help fix it permanently with examples that are easy to remember and images that are difficult to forget in the human mind. Life lessons that cycling gives us. With this, we anticipate the conflict of organizations with the aim of avoiding it.
We are a Firm capable of offering a global vision to the client, not only legal, but also as a complement in Human Resources due to our extensive experience inside and outside organizations.



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