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The current socioeconomic and legal model is based on the dynamic of the uncommon, of speed, of technological advances, of extrapolation from individual reality to collective reality, of the globalization of the economy and information. Because of this, new risks have arisen alongside the old ones. Important among these are those related to the various possibilities for strategic action in the business market.

In light of this, criminal law, as an instrument of social control, has undergone significant changes. In postmodern society, criminal law has kept pace with this historical evolution to provide the best possible defense of the interests of those who are subject to the gauntlet of criminal prosecution.

It is an unavoidable fact that every type of business is subject to some sort of criminal law. Criminal statutes have gone beyond simply protecting individual legal goods, such as life and property, and now protect diffuse legal goods, which are collective in nature and are able to do transnational harm to the economy, to financial, tax and social security systems, to consumers and to the environment.

In light of this, day-to-day business activities now require constant risk evaluation. As the complexity of business increases, so does the need for those who make major decisions to evaluate the risk of becoming involved in a criminal proceeding.

Facing these new demands, Joyce Roysen Advogados has focused on preventing and resolving conflicts. We base our work on fundamental principles such as: capacity to read a situation
of conflict, ability to understand various areas of knowledge connected to criminal law, which allows for close cooperation among law firms with different areas of focus and, finally, constant support and investment in the highly specialized training of our lawyers, who are always working to improve their legal skills.

More than just defending our clients’ interests in specific cases, our mission is to position them
in the globalized criminal law environment in such a way that, beyond prevailing in a specific case, they can incorporate new practices into their regular activities to minimize criminal law risks.

Joyce Roysen Advogados is one of the largest law firms focused on criminal law in Brazil. We have a special focus on criminal law related to business activities. Each client has our complete dedication, personal attention and absolute confidentiality.



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