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About Us

Pérez Domingo is a firm of multidisciplinary professionals, founded in 1990 and oriented from the beginning to advising the company. We specialize in the field of Consulting , in the Legal, Fiscal, Accounting and Labor areas , and we have a marked international character . This specialization allows us to offer our clients not only highly qualified advice, but also to be able to delve into all aspects of business management., such as: Taxation, Costs, Accounting, Financing Methods, Legal Affairs, etc., ranging from the constitution of the company, the drafting of rental, work, distribution and agency contracts, to the protection of its intellectual property , the preparation of prevention manuals, and the control of crimes (Corporate Compliance), due diligence, etc., and all this equally at an international level. These two harmonized sectors, Advice and Law , are what allow our client to be able to focus the daily management of the company and the contentious aspects that may be faced, both in Spain and in other countries, in the same professional office. Europe. 



Sophie Mercier