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About Us

Miller du Toit Cloete Inc is a leading national and international specialist family law firm, that has participated innovatively in the development of all aspects of family law for many years. The firm continues to develop its strong expertise, strategic thinking and negotiation skills.

Our Practice

Children’s best interests, relocation, abduction, alternative families, parenting plans, parental rights and responsibilities, guardianship.
Ante-nuptial or prenuptial contracts.
AAART, domestic and international surrogacy and fertility law
Alternative dispute resolution, arbitration and mediation
Cross border work and competing jurisdictions
Marriage, separation and divorce, Muslim and Hindu marriages,
traditional marriages, marriages across borders.
Civil unions, co-habitation, domestic relations, same
sex relationships
Matrimonial property law – proprietary and financial claims, Trusts, companies,
close corporations, trustbusting structures in divorce proceedings.
International practice



Zenobia du Toit