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Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 1306 – 3° andar, Vila Olimpia, São Paulo – SP – CEP 04547-005 – Brazil

About Us

Montgomery & Associados is a Brazilian law firm with head offices in São Paulo and a presence in Rio de Janeiro and London, UK, which offers a whole new concept of lawyering called Lean Full Service – LFS®, where each lawyer offers specialty services in two or three areas of law, to keep legal teams lean and efficient and overall cost in check – allowing the firm to offer highly competitive rates. In this context, Montgomery is also driven to fully understand the client’s business needs with whom we aim to build close and strong relationships.

Our professionals are fluent in Portuguese and English and at least one other of the following languages: Spanish, Italian, French, German and Arabic.

Our firm is headed by Founding and Managing Partner Neil Montgomery, who is a dual national (British/Brazilian) and has lived in Lima, Peru, and worked in both the City of London and São Paulo. Neil is a native speaker of English, Portuguese and Spanish. Neil and his team provide legal services mostly to multinational companies doing business in Brazil in a wide variety of sectors. Neil has been complimented by a UK client in the Latin Lawyer 250 Guide of Latin American law firms as follows:

“I would recommend him [Neil] to any foreign business on the strength of his local expertise and service together with his excellent English and explanation/analysis of the legal position.”



Neil Montgomery