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The  lawyer in Córdoba , María Isabel Pérez Sillero , is the head of the Pérez & Sillero Law Firm, specialized in Civil Law. This jurist from Córdoba has more than 25 years of experience in the profession behind her, work that she has combined with other professional merits, such as the position of president she held in the Disciplinary Appeals Committee of the Andalusian Automobile Federation in Córdoba , teaching at the Institute of Criminology of Córdoba, honorary collaborating professor at the Law School of Córdoba or giving conferences on Family Law and the development of the Andalusian Dependency Law, among other topics. In addition, she has worked as a lawyer for different non-profit organizations, such as the Alzheimer’s Association or ATEGUA. If you require the advice of a lawyer in Córdoba, at Pérez & Sillero we can help you. In our legal office, specialized in Civil Law, we have renowned professionals from the city so that, if you contact us, you can always find a lawyer in Córdoba available.



María Isabel Pérez Sillero