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About Us

In 2022 we marked our 16th anniversary. At Spilbridge, Attorneys-at-Law, we specialise in challenging international business matters and for years we have been particularly active in the field of protection of foreign investors and their business in Latvia. As internationally-oriented lawyers, we provide all necessary daily legal support to foreign corporate entities, their affiliates and managers in Latvia. As solicitors specialising in international commercial matters, Spilbridge have also accumulated considerable experience assisting corporate entities that are affected by US OFAC and other sanctions. Assisting clients with UBO issues in their dealings with banks and the Latvian Register of Enterprises has also grown into a considerable practice area. We are particularly open to handle disputes with banks to remedy injustice.

Our YouTube channel offers video presentations on each member of our team and reflections on our experience in various practice areas.



Ms Arita Linde, Senior Associate