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Arat Kilo, Adwa street Nib Bank Building Office no.210, Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA

About Us

DABLO Law Firm LLP, previously known as Dawit, Addisu & Bruk Law Office was established by its three managing Partners Dawit Kidane, Addisu Hailegebriel, and Bruk Geremew in March 2013 to provide trustworthy, dependable, and reliable legal consultancy and advocacy services. As of 27 February 2023, Dawit, Addisu & Bruk Law Office is restructured as DABLO Law Firm LLP pursuant to the Federal Advocacy Service Licensing and Administration Proclamation No. 1249/2021.

Focusing on our core values; Collaboration, Teamwork, responsiveness, and timeliness, to harness each partner’s skill, knowledge, and experience to achieve a common goal, we strive to provide the most reputable legal service to the client.

Partners of DABLO Law Firm LLP saw the gap in the legal service sector in ETHIOPIA with many of the legal professionals being able to provide limited legal service on an individual basis which is more often detrimental to the interest of clients in general and corporate clients in particular.  Corporate clients and many other enterprises’ legal needs deserve dedicated uninterrupted service. Such a kind of service can only be effectively rendered when the people in the profession work in an organizational setup. Founders of DABLO Law Firm LLP realized that only through collaboration and working together as a unit would the client’s legal needs be properly catered. Hence, our partnership emerged with the objective to fill the gap by being able to render reliable legal advocacy and consultancy services not dependent on the individual partner but on the partnership, they have helped create.

DABLO Law Firm LLP successfully provided legal consultancy and advocacy services for its various National and International Clients. The client portfolio of DABLO Law Firm LLP includes but is not limited to companies and organizations engaged in the field of manufacturing, medical service, agriculture, real estate, and construction.

The main asset of DABLO Law Firm LLP is having knowledgeable and experienced partners whereby each partner is versed to handle both the litigation aspect and advisory aspect of legal assignments of our clients in tandem. Our expertise lies not only in handling both aspects of lawyering but in the ability to seamlessly substitute one partner’s role or work with the other.

Over the years, the managing partners of DABLO Law Firm LLP have accumulated vast experience in rendering business-like legal advice and advocacy service with a pragmatic approach to solving clients’ legal problems. Our law firm has provided legal advice, consultation, and representation to national, multinational, and international clients. We have successfully represented our clients in negotiation and arbitration proceedings before courts, and arbitration chambers.
With the newly established firm, DABLO Law Firm LLP , we are set to provide our clients with a broader range of services and a deeper bench of legal talent. Each of our lawyers are committed to delivering the same high-quality, personalized, and dedicated service that you have experienced.
We are dedicated to providing thoughtful, practical solutions to the complex problems faced by our clients, with the same devotion to the excellent personal and timely service that you have come to expect from our lawyers.