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About Us

Our law firm provides business law services (e.g. legal advice, drafting of documents, representation in court and official proceedings) in the fields of commercial law, company law, employment law and real estate law under the brand name Duna Legal. Our services cover legal issues that often arise in the day-to-day operation of businesses, i.e. we are generalist legal consultants. We perform at the same outstanding level in English and German as in Hungarian. 

Based on our experience, career and studies, we consider ourselves not only lawyers, but also managers who can provide complex advice, taking into account not only legal but also tax and business issues. We have professional integrity, i.e. we can provide assistance in the professional, legally correct and ethical solution of legal problems. We operate according to the rules, precisely, paying attention to every detail. Our fees are more moderate compared to international law firm fees, but the standard of our services remains high, and we do not compromise on this.



Tamás Hizsák