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Little & Co. was established in 1856, under the able guidance of Mr. John Pares Bickersteth and was the first to be registered under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. The Law Firm has had the honour of representing the East India Company, the Secretary of State for India, the Government of Bombay Presidency and its successors and finally, the State of Maharashtra till 1974. The Law Firm has acted as Solicitors to the Great Indian Peninsula Railway and continued to act for it till its merger with the Central Railway. The incorporation of the Tata Iron and Steel Company was done with the assistance of the Firm and its then partner Mr. T.C.B. Acworth signed the company’s original Memorandum of Association.
Mr. Charles Grundy, the last British Senior Partner, was the only expatriate British lawyer practicing law in India, after independence. The Law Firm combines the heritage of the best practices along with the present day legal expectations, to bring clientele the most efficient and practical advice in the most competent and organized manner. The Firm is known for its integrity, efficiency and a high intensity of partner involvement. The Law Firm aims to ensure high degree of personal involvement, quick service delivery and quality advice that is based on practical understanding of business perspective of the client and is also relevant from the legal perspective.