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About Us

Based in São Paulo and with more than 20 years of existence, Lotti e Araújo Law Firm is recognized for acting in an objective and personalized manner. Society professionals are prepared to operate in a globalized economic scenario, based on their acquired international experiences. Always thinking of a comprehensive and effective performance, we go beyond the borders of our country when we form associations with international networks of lawyers, in order to better serve our clients anywhere in the world. Driven by ethics and excellence in relationships, we cover the most diverse areas of Commercial Law, with specialized professionals trained to go beyond the law, anticipating problems, finding solutions and guaranteeing the best support to defend the interests of our clients. in all Brazilian courts. We also go beyond the law when we are concerned and do our part with social responsibility, permanently developing activities with non-governmental organizations, providing free legal advice and supporting the NGOs “Banco de Alimentos” and “Médicos sem Fronteiras”



Rogério Araújo